Thank you

Is my donation tax deductible ..Yes

We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit charity

 Federal Tax ID: 82-3674793

We will give or send your tax deduction form by hand, email or mail.

Is it just money Angel Land Food Forest needs?

Well, Yes and No

Yes, we need real dollars to buy mango trees

We are doing lots of things to raise money.. 2 ladies are scrapping metal and selling it.

Some people are donating money from classes they teach, one lady is donating her tips.

We need donated items we can sell, 1 guy donated 5 stainless steel propellers which will go on eBay.

A group of people put their money together and donated. Donors can remain anonymous, should they choose to.

You can’t take it with you -

but you can send it on ahead with joy.


We need:

  • Money ..of course, rather crass but it helps.

  • Land and community land areas to place mango trees

  • Volunteers to dig holes ...

  • Property we can sell .. vans, trucks, cars, appliances, jewelry, paintings, building materials, house holds

  • Marketing materials .. signs especially.

  • Aluminium cans..soda/beer, copper, brass, aluminum windows, We sell the metal.

  • Van to transport items around like trees and scrap metal.

Matching funds?

  • Yes we are approved with a foundation that can match you dollar for dollar. Call us so we can discuss with you. 

  • Double your Gift.. Like magic $5 becomes $10 for us and $500 becomes $1,000, once or monthly. CLICK on the Blue Button.

  • Remember to Choose Angel Land Food Forest

Where can I go to donate?

  • Online with a credit card or Paypal account

  • Your gift will double when choosing BLUE Button.

  • Double your Gift check by making it payable to:

  • The Lois and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust, 

  • Mail checks to The Louis and Gloria Flanzer  Philanthropic Trust, 1843 Floyd Street, Sarasota, FL 34239 Memo Line: Angel Land Food Forest

  • Call 941-909-0500 to arrange for pick up of your donations.