Thank you

We need in Englewood, Florida to buy LAND or have it donated

before all the agricultural land or Open Use land has been lost to residential developments. 

We need a Community Farm.

Is my donation tax deductible ..Yes

 Federal Tax ID: 82-3674793

We will give or send your tax deduction form by hand, email or mail.

Is it just money Angel Land Food Forest needs?

Well, Yes and No

Yes, we need real dollars to buy the land we need to grow the Food Forest on or perhaps, the land may be donated to us.

We are doing lots of things to raise money.. 2 ladies are scrapping metal and selling it.

Some people are donating money from classes they teach, one lady is donating her tips.

We need donated items we can sell, 1 guy donated 5 stainless steel propellers which will go on eBay.

Angel Ministries, Reverend Pat Charnley Doyle and her husband Bob Doyle have donated and continue to believe in our mission.

A group of people put their money together and donated. Donors can remain anonymous, should they choose to.

You can’t take it with you -

but you can send it on ahead with joy.

Donate online:

Or on this website

We need:

  • Money

  • Real estate and 5+ acres of Land

  • Property we can sell .. vans, trucks, cars, appliances, jewelry, paintings, building materials, house holds

  • Marketing materials ..signs especially.

  • Thank you we had a van donated for bread and food deliveries and pick ups of appliances, house holds donated.

Where can I go to donate?

  • Online with a credit card or Paypal account

  • Donate online:

  • Drop off  or mail checks to Angel Land Food Forest, inc 2269 South Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34293

  • Call 941-909-0500 to arrange for pick up of your donations.

So Can I help? Yes!! Please

ABOUT US > is the information and fundraising site for Angel Land Food Forest, inc is a 501(c)3 public charity as designated by the IRS dedicated to helping our community.

Federal Tax ID: 82-3674793


T: 941-909-0500


Office address: 2269 South Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34293

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