Peggy with her Phoenix Mango tree 

 Ken with his "Lil Gem" Mango.

True to its name, ‘Little Gem’ has 3” round fruit with a small seed in the middle. It’s extremely sweet with very little fiber so it’s delicious for fresh eating, making into juice or drying into a healthy snack that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Sarah and her Patented Coconut Cream Mango tree by the Zill Family .. the most yummy mangos 

Tea at the Oz House with her Pickering


Mango tree Mango Tree 

Joanne and crew in Englewood. Its an Angie Mango and is  considered a wonderful Dwarf and easy to manage. 

Marylou and Dan have adopted a Coconut Cream. Yummy!! 

Suzie and her much loved German Shepherd, guarding the most delicious Butter Cream Mango

Sharon and Ian have adopted a Neelum an Indian Dwarf, shaped like a fat Cashew