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Angel Land Food Forest

Our Charity

We feed people in Englewood, FL with bakery items, frozen food products and by planting tropical fruits. Our board of directors are all unpaid volunteers, as are all the people who help our charity.  


We believe in the Kindness, Caring and Generosity of Earthlings and The Universe.

What We Do

  • We distribute free food 5 mornings a week

    • Breads, bagels, muffins, cakes, and frozen food products

    • We deliver it to churches, low-income apartments and businesses (they act as HUBS)

    • We continue to deliver to St Davids Church Food Pantry 'Jubilee Center'.

  • We give away tomato plants, Moringa seeds, lemons and papaya, collards from friends.

  • We have taught children and adults to grow Easy Nutrient rich Microgreens.

  • We give free Community Mango Trees.

  • Our newest program is Replanting Englewood with fruit trees after Hurricane Ian.

  • If you have extra fruit or vegetables, we are happy to collect and take to food pantries.

  • We do not keep food at our Charity address.


Is your organization Faith based?


Affiliated with any church?


Is religion or religious outreach any part of your program?


Are any clergy involved with your management or your board?

No, "English" Jan is a Retired nurse, Judy Still a Retired teacher and Joe Rispoli is a Biz owner. 

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