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Free* Community Mango Tree

That's right! A FREE Mango Tree in your yard. These are community mango trees meant to share the fruits with all of our neighbors and build a healthy community!

We will plant, mulch, fertilize and prune . We ask you water it - please don't let the root ball dry out. We will provide a sign in front of the tree like you see below: 

We have memorial remembrance trees.. so our loved ones will be giving love for years to come. If wanted we will provide a sign for that.

You can donate as little as $5 and as much as $500 once or monthly, online or by check. Using the blue button your gift doubles! If you want a tree just give us a call and we will come to see you because everyone can easily help.


Lets make Englewood the Mango capital of the Suncoast,

showing we care and we can give back.

Watch the video below to learn more about Angel Land Food Forest's 'Free Community Mango Program'. Be sure to turn on the sound 😊


Who gets a Free Mango tree?

Everyone with Site and Land Owners approval in Englewood, Florida! As long as it is within reach of the side walk. Our goal is to put out over 100 trees.

Do you have any pictures of the trees?

Yes - scoll down for some pictures!

What is the difference between the 'Free* Community Mango Tree' and 'Replant Englewood' programs?

The fruit trees provided in the Free* Community Mango Tree program are planted, mulched, fertilized, and pruned by Angel Land Food Forest volunteers and are planted in your front yard - the plants provided in Replant Englewood are NOT.

Can we ask for a specific variety?

Well, that was the hope. Who would have guessed Covid would affect mango trees in a round about way.

Longer Answer: Because everyone (A majority) of people are home, they have gone crazy in their gardens. Which we applaud greatly. They have bought up all the larger mango trees and varieties. a 3 year tree takes 3 years to grow. No short cut for that.

So everyone is scrambling to find healthy, good sized, grafted trees .. especially us.

We cannot guarantee a certain variety at this time.. when things have calmed down .. who knows.

See it in action...

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