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Replant Englewood - CLOSED

CLOSED - Hurricane Ian destroyed many of the trees around Englewood. Let's replant them with Fruit Trees!

This program has been discontinued

Our Goal

Angel Land Food Forest with volunteers from Garden of the Arts has started this program in response to the devastation from Hurricane Ian. Our goal is to replant 1,000 Fruit Trees around Englewood, FL.

Our Outcome

The program was a great success - we planted over 100 Fruit Trees throughout Englewood. Our 1,000 Fruit Tree goal was admittedly lofty, but it's good to have dreams!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone's trees grow over the next few years. Please keep sending us pictures, we love to see them!


What is this fundraiser for?

The devastation brought on by Hurricane Ian has left many destroyed homes and countless fallen trees. Many of Englewood's citizens have expressed their sorrow for the loss of trees around town. This fundraiser is one of many efforts to help replant Englewood and in this case, with Fruit Trees.

What is the difference between the 'Free* Community Mango Tree' and 'Replant Englewood' programs?

The fruit trees provided in the Free* Community Mango Tree program are planted, mulched, fertilized, and pruned by Angel Land Food Forest volunteers and are planted in your front yard - the plants provided in Replant Englewood are NOT.


Who is leading this effort?

Volunteers from Garden of the Arts are leading this project under Angel Land Food Forest so that Englewood, FL may be replanted with fruit trees to replace our fallen trees.


Who can get a Fruit Tree?

Fill out the Free Fruit Tree Request Form. Any person who lives within zip codes 34223 and 34224 may pick up a tree. At time of pick up, you must provide a valid driver's license which matches the county records for the address provided. We ask that you are a year-round resident so that the trees have a greater chance of survival and care.


When will the fruit trees be available?

Fruit Trees will be acquired at the end of May 2023 and will be available starting June. The actual date, time, and location will be properly announced before the end of April 2023.


What size fruit trees will you have?

Fruit tree sizes will be varied - more likely than not we will only have smaller fruit trees available.


How will I know what to do with my fruit tree?

We will provide adequate information online about how to plant your fruit tree, maintain them, and harvest. We will also set up a Facebook Group for a community forum surrounding these fruit trees.


Why Fruit Trees?

We believe that fruit trees build and foster communities around healthy local food.


What kinds of Fruit Trees?

Fruit trees that are selected for our climate, such as Mango, Starfruit, Sapodilla, Coconut, Barbados Cherry, Sugar Apple, Eggfruit, Banana, and many more!

Does that answer all your questions?

If not, feel free to email us at

See it in action...

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