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We feed people in Englewood

About Our

We feed people in Englewood, FL with bakery items, frozen food products and by planting tropical fruits. Our board of directors are all unpaid volunteers, as are all the people who help our charity.  


We believe in the Kindness, Caring and Generosity of Earthlings and The Universe.



People fed each week


Community Mango Trees Planted


Programs Initiated
Since 2017

15 Tons

Free food delivered

Our Programs

Learn more about the programs supporting our mission.

Get Involved -
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We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit charity (Federal Tax ID: 82-3674793) - your donations may be tax deductible. 

Not only that, but your donations can be doubled through the Flanzer Trust. Click the button below to help make a difference in your community. 


If you have an interest in volunteering, please reach out to us and we can find some ways for you to help. 

As a 501(c)3 we provide community service hours for those who need it.

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